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Walrus Needs a Home
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Walrus Needs A Home is the story of Wesley Walrus and his brave and loving children, Will and Wendy as they embark on an adventure to find their new home.

This modern fable encourages children to question what is bringing about the change to the habitat of our loveable Walrus family.

Koalas Can
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Kiki and Kylie Koala are two sisters who get separated from their mother during a terrible bushfire. They are about ready to give up searching for their mum when the kindness of an unexpected stranger gives them the courage to carry on their quest.

Go! Flamingo! Go! Go! Go!

Follow the trials and tribulations of Frida, Frank, Felicity, Florence, Freddie and Spud Flamingo. Our pink feathered friends are from four different parts of the world and are forced to set off to find a safe home after encountering a variety of problems that are affecting their habitats.

Evolving Elephants
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